Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dangal - What a movie

Grand Cinemas in the Raheja's Mall on Sohna Road has a skywalk like entrance where you hop on an escalator on second floor and reach fourth floor directly. And they have a very elegant and page 3-ish entrance, with a big florescent 2-shaped display which changed color in a very subtle and aesthetic way.
But I digressed.
We actually went there to watch the most awaited movie of 2016. Yes, Dangal. And what a movie it was. On the surface it was a sports movie, but dig a bit deeper and you will also find a family drama.
First things first, the movie scores big on authenticity, first on Haryanvi dialect and then on showing the wrestling scenes, and those seemed too real to be choreographed. And the little bits of humor just fits in.
Both the girls, the childhood and the adult avatar,  worked splendidly. And Aamir Khan, just nails it. And the body metamorphis he goes in, from a well built wrestler in his young days to a bit paunchy but still able to pack a punch father, is just incredible.
And the best scene in the movie when the elder girl wrestles with her father. You kind of pin for both to win. Her, because, she is coming out of age and wants to assert herself and him because he gave it all to raise the girls as wrestler.
And Apaarshakti also came out as a good surprise package, both as 'The Voice' and a regular Joe cousin.
All in all, go watch the movie. With your friends, and then with your family. And then again.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mahou Clasica - Beer review

It is always challenging as well as fun to review something what you like. Challenging as you like it, very likely you'll give a biased feedback and fun as you enjoy the every moment spent with your favourite. There is also a flipside, the product if you like, doesn't meet the expectation, chances are you will hate it, till your grave. And the confusion multiplies many times when it is beer. I recently received couple of cans of Mahou for review. "Beauty is in the eyes of beerholder" immediately flashed my mind, when I received the parcel. I promised my self I won't be swayed away. 

Parcel had cans of Mahou Clasica beer. It is a premium lager beer. First and the foremost factor to judge any beer is the clarity. Scores perfectly on that, it is crystal clear and golden in colour. It has a different hint of flavours, slightly fruity we may call it. I liked the overall mouthfeel of the beer and aftertaste as well. As the can was opened and poured in glass, could feel the pleasant and refreshing aroma of malt entering the soul through nose.

Overall the product is great, flavour is balanced, it has taste of fruit, slight bitterness, refershing mouthfeel and soothing aftertaste.

One of the most important factor, not to be overlooked is the pricing. Decently priced at 100 INR for 500ml can, 150 INR for 650ml bottle and 80INR for pint in Delhi.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ohh My beer - You are so dear

The ‘oh-so-lovely’ occasions to cheer with beer are many but the reason to cheer is the same – yes, the all-time favourite – beer. Some of the best and awesome occasions when people cheer with beer.

Good news! The long due acknowledgment of your work slogging it out for long nights on end to get that appraisal and appreciation from your bosses has finally been acknowledged. You are promoted! Well, you get beer for your peers to cheer with you and celebrate the joy. You might want to enjoy this time with some strong beers – like Dare Devil that has a characteristically strong and slightly bitter malt aroma and its base notes reflect the fruity flavours. A product in the semi-premium category brewed in India, it has a warm gold colour with a crystalline aspect.

Blessed is the second when you realize fantastic Friday is here and the weekend will follow. We doubt if you head home straight before making a customary stop and grab a couple pints of beer to pop and chug. Spend your Friday with BIRA White, the delicious wheat beer with low bitterness and a hint of spicy citrus taste.

So, the football match is on Saturday and you have been waiting for this weekend. Why not grab your favourite beer and enjoy the much awaited game with your friends? Enjoy the game with Mahou Clásica, a premium lager that comes with a tinge of fruity flavours and that maintains the original recipe, taste and quality given to its production since 1890.

That pending plan that got cancelled again and again but has finally come to life when your gang decides to catch up for old time’s sake. And what better way to revive old, unusual and weirdly hilarious memories than with beer. The wonderful range of craft beers at Doolally in Pune and The White Owl brewery in Mumbai are the favourite of people to reunite with the old buddies.

This happens when you find yourself comfortable in your pajamas, sit in front of your TV and wonder what will make this night less lonely without having to talk to anybody(which is why you’re alone by-the-way). And there you go! A companion as chilled out as beer with zero expectations to have you talk is all you need.

Although it feels that summer arriving is just an excuse to have beer, it’s universally accepted that beer is the go-to drink when ‘the sun is out, the sun is almost gone, the night is here’ during summers. Anyway, even during winters when the sun is piercing through the cold winds, you will find yourself with beer.

A fun fact: after reading this, you might already be extra thirsty and you may want to head out and get yourself beer. Go grab your favourite suds and enjoy!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bhangarh - Is it scary?

Fort of bhangarh. Considered as one of the most haunted place of India. Is it so scary? Is there any paranormal activity? There are so many visitors at the place, I am sure ghost must be having scary fits. However, lot of people were doing hooooo whooo and trying to scare their known. There was a girl who was trying to climb the tree like a monkey and her aunt jumping from beneath, making monkey sounds trying to scare her as if monkey is going to come out from the branches of the tree and jump at the girl. My friend looking at this commented, "see, this place actually has some paranormal activity. Who normal being does like this?" However, something strange happened and one may interpret it in his own way. As we came out and strated driving back, we noticed a weird sound coming from one of the wheels. We got down and to our surprise one of the tyres of our car was wrapped with cloth and it created that obstruction in driving. We removed it and then within 10 metres of further drive realised that one of the Tyre was flat. After sorting out this Chaos and then moving further, we lost our way. Sorry, Google lost his way, and started showing us the route through, where actually was a wall. This was my experience at the one of the most Haunted places. Scary?hmmm? . . . #undefinedisthelimit #scary #travel #lonelyplanetindia #tripadvisor #rajasthan #bhangarh #crazemagin #bhangarhstories #travelasylum #india #ghost #natgeo #paranormal #activity #fort #inspiroindia #mytravelstories

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

खतरों के खिलाड़ी

Slurrp.... Mazaa aa gaya yeh tazaa tazaa gosht kha k... :)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tourist - First look Review

Street food and Fine dine are antonyms. Tourist is someone who experiences extremes in during his exploration journey of the world. This time tourist has clubbed up his extreme experiences and brought these antonyms together at Tourist the Street food bar. The places is about to open soon in less than a weeks’ time and is all set to cater to the international palate. They have brought in street cuisines from around the world under one roof and at the centre of the city at Connaught Place, Delhi.

It is restaurant or bar or travel book or hangout place or theater or any other name you want to suggest, go ahead with it. The place gives a feel of being yourself at your own comfort and not worrying about anything on the planet. Sip your favorite mock tail with your favorite book at the corner with food of your choice. It is a multilevel place with three bars, one each at oof, at ground floor and at the basement. The basement also a hosts a disco theme.

They serve an exhaustive street food menu from all around the world. The place bubbles with creativity, and is a sign of thorough thought process and brainstorming that has been put in to create it. Be it the passport menu, serving dishes, cutlery and preparations on the menu that voice it out.

Menu is designed in the form of passports of far east, far west, south asia and EU & UK. There is a live music playing on. You can enjoy that sitting in a regular seating or on a theoretical seats. They have high sitting bar chairs as well, for that tall boy. Sip your drink with the favorite starter with a flavored hookah, good way to relive those college days at a reunion. Ambience is wow, it seems as if walking though the art gallery, classic paintings on the walls all around give the place that artistic touch.  Are you the one who love to collect? Move to the basement the toy automobile collection will take you back to your childhood.

Food is tasty and very well balanced flavours. Loved almost each preparation that I tasted, which is rarely the case. If you are able to finish the serving of something you usually do not eat, then preparation is definitely great. It happened for two dishes with me. The coconut flavor in the Thai sauce served with lemon grass chicken kebab, didn’t push me away this time. It happened again with the Soya Sawarma, me not a big supporter of soya enjoyed each bite. Brown sugar chicken striper was another heart taker. Most interesting was the preparation of Don’t Smoke Mocktail. The drink is infused with smoke and will not make you feel head out for a fag, which is usually the case with smokers after they finish their first alcoholic drink. The drink has all the healthy smoke of a green tea. It was an eye pleasure to watch the preparation. Some of the other signature dishes from the menu are lamb Aryas, Jammu Kaladi, Bombay Bits, Canadian Cobler etc, etc, etc.

Go and explore yourself they are opening soon, keep an eye… :)

Happy Eating…J

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hard Rock Cafe' | Food Review

It hardly qualifies for any of the basic requirement of a good restaurant. Be it hygiene, taste, service or logistics.

Plates were seated with mosquitoes. Flies were having playtime over the counter. When informed their chef at the live counter, that there are flies sitting at the food, he giggled and tried to scare them. Hard Rock café gave a feel of hard rock street food, and the café was absent.

Taste was playing hide and seek, and we lost against it, couldn’t locate and bang it anywhere in any of the viands. We opted for buffet option, and the food served was sad and bad. Chicken cooked in mushroom sauce could be put to best use if used with catapult. It was so hard to chew that no use other than hitting it as a stone towards your enemy popped up in my mind. Chapati or roti, couldn’t be called them by that name, it was definitely something else.  Starters were served at the live counter; the process of intermediate cooking them was so slow that queue was built up from ground floor going up to first floor.
We made a corporate booking for the lunch, and when we reached they were completely clueless about the booking. Attendants were not aware; they were looking at each other’s face and suddenly one of them rushed for their boss to conform for the booking and came after 5 minutes informing us that he is on some call. And we were standing all this time and nobody displayed courtesy to ask us to sit.

The staff was not aware of what is included in the corporate package we booked and what is not. Someone ordered something and they returned after few minutes informing that this is not for you, and the person has to go through the whole menu once again. On questioning them, what is included they were clueless. Though it was Thursday, but everybody seemed to still having hangover of Monday blues.
Queue for the food can be considered as positive sign for being in huge demand, but what if the queue is due to non-working washrooms. Out of two, one of the wash basins had no water, so each one has to wait in queue for his turn.

No reason to visit next , if and only if some band is performing in the evening and I am die hard fan of that. Alcohol with loud music may be another. However, otherwise a place is a big no for me.

Location: Cyber hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Happy Eating…but at your own risk... :)

Go to Rajasthan @ Westin, Gurgaon

Enjoy the ongoing Spice Trail of Rajasthan at Seasonal Tastes, Westin Gurgaon.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

locale | Food Review

Locale means a place where something happens. The place well justifies the name. Dining in a beautiful casual ambiance with delicious food is a good place to hangout. It’s a duplex restaurant on second and third floor connected internally as well as externally with both elevator and stairs.  

Trendy wall art, rustic ceiling, alcoholic quote frames and modern life lessons all around make the place lively, comfortable and relaxing. The place has a soothing lighting, which makes it even more charming. Top floor is an open zone and an option for smokers. Being an open zone, makes the place bit warmer and not very comfortable for summers, however a definite hit in winters.

Ongoing navratras kept me bound only to veg options. Still the non-veg options made all efforts otherwise. 

The aroma was good enough for weak willed person to forget about navratras and savor. They have good variety to choose from starters, and the main course options comparatively lack behind. If you are out for a beer with a friend, the main course 

will not matter you much... :)

 Overall, there is a good variety to choose from Starters, Salads, Soups, Deli, Pasta, Mock tails, Meals, Main Course and Platters. The Meal section comes in very handy when not able to decide from the main course, and each one with you is having a different voice.

The staff is examples of national integration, there are people from different regions of the country and will pronounce the same dish in different accent, which make it very lovable and cute. They are very humble and simple people and will put in all efforts to enjoy your meal.

Why to visit? Nice location, good ambience, moderately priced and tasty food makes it an ideal place to chill with friends and loved ones.

Why not to visit? If you are on look out for some exclusive, high-end formal place serving some exotic taste or and not so common preparation.

Location: PVR Saket, Anupam Complex, New Delhi

Happy Eating :)

Pita Pit | Food Review

Pita pit
Salads and Pita only
I had high expectation because of good ratings and fresh veggies involved. But “Kuch mazaa nahi aaya”. May be too much healthy but tasteless.
What I Ordered?:
Paneer and Chicken Original and Lemonade
Can have once in a while
Simple high sitting, nothing as such which would leave an impression. There must be farm freshness in the place, but it was missing.
Not, up to the mark. The table we were seated had coffee spill stains.  L
Courteous and humble.
Ok types, actually nothing much to do in this area. It is a small place with few choices to eat from and a simple preparation. So doesn’t require much service skills
No, I won’t say it was value for money. I shelled out 800 bucks for 2 lemonades, 1 chicken original and 1 paneer original for 2 people. Lot of other places in vicinity for the same spending.
DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. One of the good locations in Gurgaon to hangout.
Pita is the USP, as not many joints serve that. Food is easy on stomach, you will never have that…huuffffhhh feeling…”Khoob kha liya”
Why to visit?:
No binding factor as such. People not having an Indian palette may like it. It is a good place for those who don’t like many flavours and like their food simple and easy on Stomach. It is also a good place for those always think highly of antioxidants, raw fruits, salads, nutrition, fiber and blah blah blah… J
Why not to visit?:
You want to eat something full of flavours, well cooked and have that full wala feeling
It is all in all a decent place to have a quick bite with friends. It misses on that craving factor, on a hungry day it may even turn me off because of flavours instead lack of flavours. Would take someone who wants to eat light and flavour less.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Food Review | Burma Burma

Samuza hincho, Toho mash, Samuza hincho whole, Burma Burma oh no khow suey. These are the some of the dishes atBurma Burma, a pure vegetarian, non-alcoholic restaurant in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. As name suggests they serve a Burmese cuisine. I have never tasted anything Burmese before so not sure about the authenticity in taste. However, the food is tasty and different from the regular. I would love to pay regular visits to the place with my vegetarian family.

USP of the place is exclusive menu, pure vegetarian, no alcohol and very good ambience. Menu is bit confusing as all are Burmese names. However, each preparation is well described to make you understand about it. The attendants are humble and helpful with explaining the menu. The menu has good tea variants. 

Each table has a cute glass kettle with tea leaves, at first I thought some complementary tea preparation to be done with that. We placed our order and it was served, however nobody talked of tea. Out of curiosity now I asked the waiter about the kettle and the tea. With a wide smile he responded that it is just for decorative purpose and nothing more. The ceiling is decorated with ceramic bells and overall a moderately lit place. The seat we grabbed was the only disappointment in the experience. Somehow where we were seated didn’t have proper AC vents and I was continuously wiping off sweat from the brows. However, overall the place was cool and well ventilated, except that not so special corner.

We ordered Samuza Hincho, Toho mash with paratha, spring onion buns, Burma Burma oh no khow suey, Burmese fried rice, spicy vegetable curry.

Samuza hincho is a samosa soup. A samosa dipped in vegetable soup. We were bit skeptical about it at the time of order, but impression changed after it was served. Not something out of the world, very simple preparation but a tasty one. I would say it was worth the price if you like trying new things.
Toho mash with paratha was the winner. It is a complete dish in itself, dry dal in the center surrounded by well-cooked miniature laccha parathas. The dal vegetable mixture was one of the tastiest I have eaten in recent times. When I think of it today, only feelings are sssuuurrrp…mmmmm…

Spring onion buns are the steamed buns stuffed with vegetable salsa. This dish was no doubt tasty, but seemed to be bit pricey. 300 excluding tax for four buns is definitely a high cost.

They served a tray of herbs and toppings which has chopped coriander, roasted peanuts, lemon, spring onions, roasted onions and garlic. I am sure they are aware that this is the most required as some preparations are surprize boxes. This serving came in most handy when we were served Burma Burma oh no khow suey. As included in the name it was actually a “oh no” dish for us. It is actually noodles cooked in coconut milk gravy and we were not able to connect with the taste of coconut milk. The herbs and other topping came for rescue and we were able to convert “oh no” to “oh fine”

Hai Kahan? Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Why to visit? If you looking for something different, tasty and vegetarian.
Why not to visit? Bit high on price, we paid around 3k for 3 people. Also if you are not too experimental with taste and can’t imagine eating out with only vegetarian dishes in menu. 

Instapizza - Not so Insta

Cool small place with sitting in open as well as inside. Open sitting can be exploited only in winters. So, very less sitting, on a busy day. they have heightened chairs to sit, I didn't enjoyed my pizza much on that, had been a low sitting like a sofa or a couch would liked my food more. Option of low sitting was there in open, but I was not carrying my sunscreen lotion… :)

They are very sweet and humble people, will explain the options in detail and were honest as well. While placing the order they informed us that it is going to take at least 30 minutes. So waiting for my pizza for 30 minutes with rat dancing stomach, it is difficult to accept the name as Insta. However, I have all the appreciation for their honesty.

Not much to choose from. However, they have given the choice of toppings or rather stuffing for the deep dish pizza to consumer without any extra charge. There is not much in sides and drinks. The drink options available are only regular coke, pepsi, minute maid etc.

The vegetables used are fresh and flavorful. Deep-dish pizza had so many fresh vegetables that there was no guilt of eating pizza loaded with cheese. Those who live for health and love lot of fresh vegetables are definitely going to enjoy it. The side veg garlic twist, was served with the sauce but lost the taste vote though was stuffed with Paneer and Cheese. I also struggled with the base; it was too hard to cut with a knife. It being a deep-dish pizza could not be picked with hand and munched, had to be handled with fork and knife.

I ordered Garlic Twist and Veg Deep Dish Pizza with all the choice of toppings except pineapple. I recommend for deep dish pizza to be loaded with more cheese. The base being softer would have made struggle with knife easier and not like cutting my enemy's throat.

The place is neat, clean and hygienic. As they don’t have washrooms, have kept hand sanitizers on each table...must say a good attempt… :)

They were on track to get good score for service, but they lost when the dish they served us was chipped at the corner and they had no idea that they are serving us in broken dish

Price is fine, mid price range. We were honored with 15 percent corporate discount and we shelled out around 650 bucks for three. Economic, isn't it?

So where it is?
Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Deep Dish pizza

Why to visit?:
If you want to be saved from the guilt of having pizza by consuming lot of fiber along with in the form of raw vegetables

Why not to visit?:
If you are on a lookout for lot of variety, you will be disappointed

It is not a quick bite, if you are ordering a deep dish pizza, expect to spend at more than an hour at the place. The time of preparation for the pizza is 30 minutes and it is filled with so many vegetables will make it require much of your time to finish it quickly. All in all, not to good and not to bad, but not enough reason to visit next time. They are good in other areas but lost in taste.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Not too bad.. :) Infact feeling good..

Fun@Jungle... :)

Jungle mein fun... :) Found these swamp deer horns while roaming around through bharatpur bird century. Seemed like the leftovers of a tasty meal enjoyed by some predator, may be a nature as well. Wanted to carry them along and was excited to add them to my collection. My guide was unhappy to hear this and then started with his series of scary statements. First was, things belonging to jungle should remain in jungle only, and then followed by more frightening ones. Such kind of things may bring bad omen. You dont know what kind of death was received by the fellow creature. His soul may not be in peace and may follow his belongings. When I was not entertained by any such terrifying ones, then came out the most logical one. He said, if any one finds you with the possession of these you may be abducted for poaching, and this actually scared me. He warned me to leave it then and there as authorities are on round and anyone can see me. Then I thought, if not the actuals for collection, atleast ek photo toh banti hai. The guide was very happy that I settled with the photograph and not disturbing the ecological balance, by taking something that belongs to nature away from nature. He was very right, we should respect the mother nature and not try to disturb it, should observe it and let it be as it is. . #fun #delhi_igers #travel #wildlife #rajasthan #bharatpur #nature #deer #swampdeer #natgeo #natgeotravel #inspiroindia #lonelyplanetindia #lonelyplanet

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