Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Khurchan. It requires lot of patience and skill to make this. Milk is warmed on a slow heat so that the milk is not burned and water is evaported leaving behind mill solids and fat. In the process milk from the center is picked up using a spatula and is spilled slowly on the inner side of the vessel. Milk flows down to the center leaving traces on the inner walls and this goes on and on. In this process, after long, a thin layer of fat and milk solids is formed on the sides of the vessel, and this is birth of khurchan. Slowly all the milk is converted to this. One can imagine the time and patience. As this is scraped from the sides of vessel it gets is name from there. Then it is blended with dry fruits and other condiments and flavours as per one's choice. I personally like it raw and fresh, little warm, straight from the sides of the vessel. This one I had was garnished with almonds, pista and had kevda essence and was frozen into a mud bowl. Everything was good except, I did not like the essence. It was taking away the raw beauty of it. . . . . Follow @limitundefined for more interesting stuff . . . #limitundefined #undefinedisthelimit #khanatalks #foodlife #food #foodstory #foodporn #foodgasm #foodphotography #foodblog #snack #instagram #foodgram #instapicoftheday #foodlove #happyeating #zomatoin #mymagicpindelhi #kanhabhog #noida #sweettooth #indiandesserts #dessert #sweet #indiansweet

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Bara Darhi - Old Delhi lives at Westin Gurgaon

Recreation is not copying and I saw the practical example of this recently at Bara Darhi, Westin Gurgaon. The chefs here are from Old Delhi, with the family legacy of serving the tastiest food from generations in by lanes of old Delhi. They have these traditional food recipes in their genes. 

The beauty of old Delhi food shops is, that they do not have the huge list of items on their menu; in fact most of them do not even have a menu. Reason is simple, they make one or two delicacies and they make it the best on this earth. It is the same case here. One chef specializes in kebabs and only makes them, another one the master of curries is doing his best.

    (Starters - Chicken tangdi, Mutton Seekh kebab with Rumali roti)

When you copy, you try to imitate the original and when you recreate, you build the original. It is not an exaggeration to say that Bara Darhi is recreation of Old Delhi @ Westin Gurgaon. It is a roof top restaurant and gives the experience of eating in open in similar way as in lanes of Delhi. Live music on one side, open kitchen on other and the round bar in the central area is what one needs for a perfect evening. This set up provides fine dine comfort of enjoying the legacy food with drink of your choice. Close eyes and enjoy the aroma, you will feel like you are in lanes of Old Delhi, open eyes and next moment you realize you are on rooftop of Westin Gurgaon.

(Mutton nihari - it was overwhelming to have it in the evening)

They have everything in the menu, nihari mutton, chicken tikka, rumali roti, sheermal, khamiri roti nand lot more. However, it is mughlai cuisine, with dominance of non-vegetarian food but the vegetarian preparations like paneer seekh kebab and paneer tikka are show stealers. Even though I love mutton seekh kebab. However, never had the paneer seekh kebab like here, anywhere before, so all my love goes to it.

    (my main course dish - Paneer Changezi, Chicken and Mutton nihari with Khamiri roti and sheermal)

Who should go?
If you are claustrophobic and prefer your meals only in the comfort of fine-dine and have appreciation of legacy food of old Delhi? You want all that under one roof and do not want to hop for every other dish to some another shop. This is the place for you.

    (with some live music in the background)

Who should not go?
If you actually want to enjoy the same food standing in open and hopping through each different shops to treat your taste buds.

    (Tangdi kebab with mint chutney)

My recommendations
  • -          Paneer Seekh kebab
  • -          Bara Darhi Special Chicken tikka
  • -          Mutton nihari
  • -          Khamiri Roti
  • -          with Drink of your choice

    (kheer for desserts)

What I liked the most about this place?

One need not visit old Delhi in time slot of 7am -10am to savor Nihari, it is available here in the evening as well. Real tastes can now be enjoyed in the comfortable fine-dine set up.

    (and some pan before I leave)
Happy Eating... :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Thank you Pizza Hut

My first memory of pizza is pizza hut. Now, more than a decade, our love story started in Mumbai along with my corporate career with US based IT firm. Late stays and night-outs at office to cover up for the time gap with the US, was always appreciated by Client and mostly prized by pizza lunches. However, pizza was just a consolation for the night’s peaceful sleep, but it was a date with my upcoming love. On this International thanks day, I want to thank pizza hut for everything. From timely delivers to make me free of any fear of missing meals, as like a savior it was always there. Consistent service, new tastes and crusts and upcoming FCD stores can’t be summed up in one word THANKS… J 

Pizza hut has been consistent with its new creations, be it a crust or a topping, has always attached me to the menu. The menu till the date has never seemed monotonous. I always don’t like what they create but I always like that I have something new to try. This time as well, this choco volcano cake is my first time. I wish them all the luck for the prosperous years ahead and many thanks for always being on my side… J

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