Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pizza Hut opens Open Kitchen in Delhi

A good seating is an essential ingredient for any food to taste great. Pizza hut puts this into practice with launch of multi-storey conceptualized FCD store in Delhi. FCD stands for Fast Casual Delco. Popular stand-up comedian, Sumit Anand gave a laughter dose to the guests at the launch. The store is located at Shop No.29, Community Centre, PVR Anupam, Saket, New Delhi.

The pizza from pizza hut needs no introduction and neither would this store, a testimonial to "for the love of pizza" mantra. Open kitchen is exciting for any food lover. Chic design, casual ambiance, good seating capacity, innovative offerings, faster service makes it a must.

The place has a contemporary layout and has a distinct freshness with vibrant interiors. The place takes you to a complete comfort tour by offering charging points, free Wi-Fi and some energy music. These offerings though seem minuscule but are great when you just want to be relaxed and enjoy your pizza without thinking about anything else.

I love pizza and enjoying it in such wonderful place makes it my second place after home.

Happy Eating... J

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cook with, and for a Smile

Cook with a Smile and cook for a smile, was the agenda of the Day. Top Notch corporate came under one roof and tried their hands on cooking tables at Crowne Plaza, Gurugram. Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna hosted the event. It was a fun to watch executives who have been managing companies to manage kitchen tables. They shared the tables with Kids from Smile Foundation. 

   (These newbie chefs even had Chef Vikas scratch is head... :))

Smile foundation does not need an introduction. They are contributing with the society for the betterment since 2002. Smile foundation work with grassroots initiatives to bring positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities.

The 7th edition of Cook for Smile event happened in Delhi on 3rd September. The participating leaders were from corporates Mahou India, Dr. Oetkar, KFC, Crowne Plaza, Kohinoor Specialty Foods, Pad Up ventures, Avery Dennison and Sonalika Tractors. Each one of them cooked to create awareness about the goal to make India healthy.

It was overwhelming to interact with Executives and Chef, when they were away from all the corporate formality and were joyous like kids for kids. Interaction with Mr. Fernando revealed that out of his busy schedule he gets a chance to cook only once a month. He was very enthusiastic to do this cooking for a social cause and was encouraged by his family throughout the cooking session. He was not just participating for the sake of doing so instead was very experimental to create something unique. He cooked the food using beer instead of water, and was a winner by every beer loving heart… J Dish he cooked was just a formality then. There were many such funny moments to cherish.

The coming together of all corporates as one to support the national and social cause was overwhelming. Wish them all the support and, pledge to be part of the initiative.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The China kitchen turns 10

Food knows no boundaries, and no matter how much tension exists at the Indo China Border, chowmein will continue to be part of order at every outlet, which serves it. The love for Chinese food among the Indians needs no introduction and neither do The China Kitchen at Hyatt Regency, Delhi. The Place recently completed 10 years and extends to give 50 percent discount on the bill on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until 30 September.

   (Steamed green vegetable dumplings)

   (Steamed Broccoli crystal dumpling)

   (Pan fried Glutinous lamb dumpling)

It needs no preface, but still I felt like sharing my experience. As it was my first visit to the place, so very excited to share my experience. I almost liked everything at the place, right from the entrance to the place we dined. The place has a dim lighting, and it does not give a feeling that I am strolling in dark. Instead, it is a very soothing. The dining hall is well lit, and yet lighting is not loud. I am so much focused about light is, because it helped my camera to focus and capture good images. If you do not like the snaps is purely my lack of skill and everything else was perfect.

   (Sichuan chicken salad)

 Chinese food is far from masalas, or spices and condiments as compared to Indian. So, expecting that will be foolishness. However, they are not bland. The food is authentic or not, is difficult to say as I have never been to china and tasted it there.  However, I liked it and that is more important than anything is.  One interesting thing about the place is that it has five master chefs and each one has his own expertise. Like, one chef is a duck chef and does only duck. He slices duck with so much perfection and style that it is a pleasure to watch him doing so.

   (Wok fried spicy pork belly celery chili, soy)

I liked everything at the place, and what I loved is Lamb dumplings and Prawn tail dumplings. Woks toss eggplant changed my view towards baingan. The first thing that came to my mind after having a bite is “Kya baigan bhi itna tasty ban sakta hai?”.  Another wonderful creation was Pork belly. China Kitchen dessert tray is awesome and the Cigar is better than the actual one.

Happy Eating... :)

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