Thursday, August 25, 2016

Not too bad.. :) Infact feeling good..

Fun@Jungle... :)

Jungle mein fun... :) Found these swamp deer horns while roaming around through bharatpur bird century. Seemed like the leftovers of a tasty meal enjoyed by some predator, may be a nature as well. Wanted to carry them along and was excited to add them to my collection. My guide was unhappy to hear this and then started with his series of scary statements. First was, things belonging to jungle should remain in jungle only, and then followed by more frightening ones. Such kind of things may bring bad omen. You dont know what kind of death was received by the fellow creature. His soul may not be in peace and may follow his belongings. When I was not entertained by any such terrifying ones, then came out the most logical one. He said, if any one finds you with the possession of these you may be abducted for poaching, and this actually scared me. He warned me to leave it then and there as authorities are on round and anyone can see me. Then I thought, if not the actuals for collection, atleast ek photo toh banti hai. The guide was very happy that I settled with the photograph and not disturbing the ecological balance, by taking something that belongs to nature away from nature. He was very right, we should respect the mother nature and not try to disturb it, should observe it and let it be as it is. . #fun #delhi_igers #travel #wildlife #rajasthan #bharatpur #nature #deer #swampdeer #natgeo #natgeotravel #inspiroindia #lonelyplanetindia #lonelyplanet

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