Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bhangarh - Is it scary?

Fort of bhangarh. Considered as one of the most haunted place of India. Is it so scary? Is there any paranormal activity? There are so many visitors at the place, I am sure ghost must be having scary fits. However, lot of people were doing hooooo whooo and trying to scare their known. There was a girl who was trying to climb the tree like a monkey and her aunt jumping from beneath, making monkey sounds trying to scare her as if monkey is going to come out from the branches of the tree and jump at the girl. My friend looking at this commented, "see, this place actually has some paranormal activity. Who normal being does like this?" However, something strange happened and one may interpret it in his own way. As we came out and strated driving back, we noticed a weird sound coming from one of the wheels. We got down and to our surprise one of the tyres of our car was wrapped with cloth and it created that obstruction in driving. We removed it and then within 10 metres of further drive realised that one of the Tyre was flat. After sorting out this Chaos and then moving further, we lost our way. Sorry, Google lost his way, and started showing us the route through, where actually was a wall. This was my experience at the one of the most Haunted places. Scary?hmmm? . . . #undefinedisthelimit #scary #travel #lonelyplanetindia #tripadvisor #rajasthan #bhangarh #crazemagin #bhangarhstories #travelasylum #india #ghost #natgeo #paranormal #activity #fort #inspiroindia #mytravelstories

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

खतरों के खिलाड़ी

Slurrp.... Mazaa aa gaya yeh tazaa tazaa gosht kha k... :)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tourist - First look Review

Street food and Fine dine are antonyms. Tourist is someone who experiences extremes in during his exploration journey of the world. This time tourist has clubbed up his extreme experiences and brought these antonyms together at Tourist the Street food bar. The places is about to open soon in less than a weeks’ time and is all set to cater to the international palate. They have brought in street cuisines from around the world under one roof and at the centre of the city at Connaught Place, Delhi.

It is restaurant or bar or travel book or hangout place or theater or any other name you want to suggest, go ahead with it. The place gives a feel of being yourself at your own comfort and not worrying about anything on the planet. Sip your favorite mock tail with your favorite book at the corner with food of your choice. It is a multilevel place with three bars, one each at oof, at ground floor and at the basement. The basement also a hosts a disco theme.

They serve an exhaustive street food menu from all around the world. The place bubbles with creativity, and is a sign of thorough thought process and brainstorming that has been put in to create it. Be it the passport menu, serving dishes, cutlery and preparations on the menu that voice it out.

Menu is designed in the form of passports of far east, far west, south asia and EU & UK. There is a live music playing on. You can enjoy that sitting in a regular seating or on a theoretical seats. They have high sitting bar chairs as well, for that tall boy. Sip your drink with the favorite starter with a flavored hookah, good way to relive those college days at a reunion. Ambience is wow, it seems as if walking though the art gallery, classic paintings on the walls all around give the place that artistic touch.  Are you the one who love to collect? Move to the basement the toy automobile collection will take you back to your childhood.

Food is tasty and very well balanced flavours. Loved almost each preparation that I tasted, which is rarely the case. If you are able to finish the serving of something you usually do not eat, then preparation is definitely great. It happened for two dishes with me. The coconut flavor in the Thai sauce served with lemon grass chicken kebab, didn’t push me away this time. It happened again with the Soya Sawarma, me not a big supporter of soya enjoyed each bite. Brown sugar chicken striper was another heart taker. Most interesting was the preparation of Don’t Smoke Mocktail. The drink is infused with smoke and will not make you feel head out for a fag, which is usually the case with smokers after they finish their first alcoholic drink. The drink has all the healthy smoke of a green tea. It was an eye pleasure to watch the preparation. Some of the other signature dishes from the menu are lamb Aryas, Jammu Kaladi, Bombay Bits, Canadian Cobler etc, etc, etc.

Go and explore yourself they are opening soon, keep an eye… :)

Happy Eating…J

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