Monday, November 20, 2017

La piazza, Hyatt Regency Delhi | Restaurant Review

Italian cuisine is simple, usually not more than 4 to 5 ingredients. The focus is not on complexity of preparation, but the quality of ingredients. How do I know? Recently, got a chance to experience it at La Piazza, Hyatt Regency Delhi. The pasta I ate here, I felt was uncooked, but it was only by Indian standards and it is not how the authentic italian pasta is. Chef Luca, hosting the dinner, explained that it should have a bite, and that is how it is in Italian. 

La Piazza hosts an exquisite wine collection, so not pairing it with wine is a disrespect. 
I won't say I understood, all that the chef explained, the names were difficult to say for a punjabi tongue. However, I would say, I loved all that was served. I cannot make you taste through the review, but will take you for a food photo tour. 

In total, the experience was awesome and won't mind recommending it to anyone
Happy eating...☺️ 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cheers to Hard day @Work @CyberHub

We all work hard for do waqt ki roti, and if with that roti we also get some daru and boti nothing like that. Cyber hub says #cheerstoharddayatwork, and it is not just a saying they mean it. We usually complete are work by 5 in office and head towards a meal at home. 

If there is some unwinding between these two struggles, it is a blessing. Ten outlets have tried to bring on this blessing, by offering corporate happy hours from 5-7pm until 30 November. So make most of it. Grab a chair after a hard day, and relax over a cool ethyl alcohol drink, as the methyl alcohol perfume power is over by now to keep you fresh. 

Participating outlets are:
-          Olive Bistro
-          Indigo Delicatessen
-          SodabottleOpenerwala
-          Raasta
-          Circus
-          Twist
-          Delifrance
-          Nooba
-          Canvas
-          SOI 7
    Happy and responsible drinking… J

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pizza Hut opens Open Kitchen in Delhi

A good seating is an essential ingredient for any food to taste great. Pizza hut puts this into practice with launch of multi-storey conceptualized FCD store in Delhi. FCD stands for Fast Casual Delco. Popular stand-up comedian, Sumit Anand gave a laughter dose to the guests at the launch. The store is located at Shop No.29, Community Centre, PVR Anupam, Saket, New Delhi.

The pizza from pizza hut needs no introduction and neither would this store, a testimonial to "for the love of pizza" mantra. Open kitchen is exciting for any food lover. Chic design, casual ambiance, good seating capacity, innovative offerings, faster service makes it a must.

The place has a contemporary layout and has a distinct freshness with vibrant interiors. The place takes you to a complete comfort tour by offering charging points, free Wi-Fi and some energy music. These offerings though seem minuscule but are great when you just want to be relaxed and enjoy your pizza without thinking about anything else.

I love pizza and enjoying it in such wonderful place makes it my second place after home.

Happy Eating... J

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cook with, and for a Smile

Cook with a Smile and cook for a smile, was the agenda of the Day. Top Notch corporate came under one roof and tried their hands on cooking tables at Crowne Plaza, Gurugram. Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna hosted the event. It was a fun to watch executives who have been managing companies to manage kitchen tables. They shared the tables with Kids from Smile Foundation. 

   (These newbie chefs even had Chef Vikas scratch is head... :))

Smile foundation does not need an introduction. They are contributing with the society for the betterment since 2002. Smile foundation work with grassroots initiatives to bring positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities.

The 7th edition of Cook for Smile event happened in Delhi on 3rd September. The participating leaders were from corporates Mahou India, Dr. Oetkar, KFC, Crowne Plaza, Kohinoor Specialty Foods, Pad Up ventures, Avery Dennison and Sonalika Tractors. Each one of them cooked to create awareness about the goal to make India healthy.

It was overwhelming to interact with Executives and Chef, when they were away from all the corporate formality and were joyous like kids for kids. Interaction with Mr. Fernando revealed that out of his busy schedule he gets a chance to cook only once a month. He was very enthusiastic to do this cooking for a social cause and was encouraged by his family throughout the cooking session. He was not just participating for the sake of doing so instead was very experimental to create something unique. He cooked the food using beer instead of water, and was a winner by every beer loving heart… J Dish he cooked was just a formality then. There were many such funny moments to cherish.

The coming together of all corporates as one to support the national and social cause was overwhelming. Wish them all the support and, pledge to be part of the initiative.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The China kitchen turns 10

Food knows no boundaries, and no matter how much tension exists at the Indo China Border, chowmein will continue to be part of order at every outlet, which serves it. The love for Chinese food among the Indians needs no introduction and neither do The China Kitchen at Hyatt Regency, Delhi. The Place recently completed 10 years and extends to give 50 percent discount on the bill on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until 30 September.

   (Steamed green vegetable dumplings)

   (Steamed Broccoli crystal dumpling)

   (Pan fried Glutinous lamb dumpling)

It needs no preface, but still I felt like sharing my experience. As it was my first visit to the place, so very excited to share my experience. I almost liked everything at the place, right from the entrance to the place we dined. The place has a dim lighting, and it does not give a feeling that I am strolling in dark. Instead, it is a very soothing. The dining hall is well lit, and yet lighting is not loud. I am so much focused about light is, because it helped my camera to focus and capture good images. If you do not like the snaps is purely my lack of skill and everything else was perfect.

   (Sichuan chicken salad)

 Chinese food is far from masalas, or spices and condiments as compared to Indian. So, expecting that will be foolishness. However, they are not bland. The food is authentic or not, is difficult to say as I have never been to china and tasted it there.  However, I liked it and that is more important than anything is.  One interesting thing about the place is that it has five master chefs and each one has his own expertise. Like, one chef is a duck chef and does only duck. He slices duck with so much perfection and style that it is a pleasure to watch him doing so.

   (Wok fried spicy pork belly celery chili, soy)

I liked everything at the place, and what I loved is Lamb dumplings and Prawn tail dumplings. Woks toss eggplant changed my view towards baingan. The first thing that came to my mind after having a bite is “Kya baigan bhi itna tasty ban sakta hai?”.  Another wonderful creation was Pork belly. China Kitchen dessert tray is awesome and the Cigar is better than the actual one.

Happy Eating... :)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Super Safe Spices from ITC Master Chef

With so much pesticide integrated in our lifestyle, that a pinch of turmeric or chilli actually pinches the health. Spices are an integral part of the Indian society and any adulteration puts us at high risk. ITC steps up socially and brings in a new range of spices which undergo 473+ tests before being delivered to end customer for consumption.

The range includes coriander, turmeric, and red chilli in the basic spices which are common victim of adulteration. Others are blends for Chicken, Mutton, Choley, chicken and not to forget the most popular blend of Garam Masala.

Though spices are used just in small amount, but Indian cooking without a spice is not possible. The Indian household does not limit the use of spice just to kitchen and the usage is widespread across rituals, celebrations and medicinal uses. So we are exposed to a much higher risk than any other community on this planet.

I must say the range is a blessing for the Indian consumer and a step towards the healthy lifestyle.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Quick Review | Jom Jom Malay

Variety: Good variety of Food, you will be struggling with “yeh” yaan “woh”
Taste: Good, obviously not typical Indian. One must be experimental and open to new blend of flavours will enjoy
Serving Size: Good, each serving except the dessert is good for two.
Ambiance: Well lit, ventilated and soothing
Hygiene: Good, couldn’t find any strands of hair… J
Staff: Courteous and sweet.
Service: A bit slow, but acceptable,as this may vary day to day. So don’t believe me 100 percent on this.
Price: Moderate to high side.
What I ordered: Bao, Satay, Roti Jala, Tea
Recommendations: I loved the Tea like anything, however you will not go drink tea only…J…Satay and Bao is all the worth… J
USP: Malaysian Cuisine, its different
Location: Ansal Plaza

For detailed review done by me go through the below link

Here are the pics for your eye tasting.. :) Enjoy and Happy eating... :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chand Baori | Abhaneri, Rajasthan

Bawri or Baori were constructed in olden times to ensure availability of water round the year. A utility as well as an architectural marvel. These stepwells were not just a utility but had social, cultural and religious importance. Social and religious gatherings used to happen. This infinite mesh of stairs leads to a pond of water, which also served a home to leisure activities. There is lot more about this which can be searched on internet, explore the interesting facts.

Happy travelling

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thingyan Festival @ Burma Burma, Cyber Hub

We all make new resolutions or new products to welcome New Year. Burma Burma also does the same. Thingyan Festival or Burmese New Year starts from today (11 May 2017), and to celebrate this they have launched a new Thingyan Menu. This is an exclusive menu and in no commonality with the regular menu. It has all from Soups, starters, main course and desserts.

The best part about the place is it is an all-vegetarian hub. Therefore, you can any time move in with your anti-chicken friend and can savor the preparations. 

They will first make you wash hands like this with sandalwood water in a typical traditional style.

Also all the service staff has painted white circles on their cheeks. On inquiring, they revealed that these are made from sandalwood paste. It is a tradition to mark it this way, the welcome of New Year.

We tried 90 percent of dishes from this special menu and 10 percent were left because of the limited tum size. I will not say you will love it all, as we have an Indian palate and it is not an Indian cuisine. However, one will surely love some of the preparations, as I too have an Indian palate and I personally feel so.

Some of the recommendations are Guava Salad, crunchy Tofu Steamed Buns and Lotus stem crisps. Tofu Steamed buns and Lotus stem crisps are like a common saying in Hindi “Pet bhar gaya per dil nahi bhara”. I am posting the pics of the menu; you can surely know the name, but not the taste from the name.
So do visit the place, as this menu is only in for next 10 days till 21st May. Go and have your bite.
Happy Eating… J

Monday, May 8, 2017

Hahn's Kitchen | Review

It was my second interaction with something Korean after my childhood. I had a hobby of stamp collection then, we used to exchange stamps among our friends and many Korean stamps were exchanged for a single big stamp. These exchange ratios were only attributed to their small size and rest other factors of valuations were never considered, actually we were ignorant of any other factors then.

This food interaction was an experience, and I would love to have it often. Though it was my first face to face with Korean food, so can’t say it was authentic, however I feel it was.

I have some strong logical reasons to believe that way, after a little research on Korean culture. Like, the Koreans use steel chopsticks, and prior to this, I have only seen those wooden ones. They are quite people and do not like to talk during meals, the place has a separate setup very much in Korean theme apart from the usual fine dine sitting.

What I liked most about the place is ambiance. Lighting is soothing and calm; there is a peace in the place. They score more than full if there is an option, for hygiene and cleanliness.

Now, moving to the food part. Who loves to experiment and explore, will love it. Those have a taste bud for Korean food will like it (feedback from more experienced). I liked some and some not. In Korean cuisine they use fermented sauces and pastes and in some of them this fermented flavor is very pronounced and some may not like it. For example, Kimchi Jeon has a strong flavor and few may turn around from it. I personally liked Kkanpunggi very much and would love it with a mug of beer. Also, they served egg rolls, not able to recall the exact name what they call in Korean, I simply loved them.

They serving size is huge, and order carefully as you may end up wasting food which is not a good practice in any culture and not even Korean. The prices are very apt and I was expecting to be more on high side.

Location: One Horizon Center, Gurugram, Haryana

So and discover your favourite Korean food…Happy Eating… J

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