Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chand Baori | Abhaneri, Rajasthan

Bawri or Baori were constructed in olden times to ensure availability of water round the year. A utility as well as an architectural marvel. These stepwells were not just a utility but had social, cultural and religious importance. Social and religious gatherings used to happen. This infinite mesh of stairs leads to a pond of water, which also served a home to leisure activities. There is lot more about this which can be searched on internet, explore the interesting facts.

Happy travelling

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thingyan Festival @ Burma Burma, Cyber Hub

We all make new resolutions or new products to welcome New Year. Burma Burma also does the same. Thingyan Festival or Burmese New Year starts from today (11 May 2017), and to celebrate this they have launched a new Thingyan Menu. This is an exclusive menu and in no commonality with the regular menu. It has all from Soups, starters, main course and desserts.

The best part about the place is it is an all-vegetarian hub. Therefore, you can any time move in with your anti-chicken friend and can savor the preparations. 

They will first make you wash hands like this with sandalwood water in a typical traditional style.

Also all the service staff has painted white circles on their cheeks. On inquiring, they revealed that these are made from sandalwood paste. It is a tradition to mark it this way, the welcome of New Year.

We tried 90 percent of dishes from this special menu and 10 percent were left because of the limited tum size. I will not say you will love it all, as we have an Indian palate and it is not an Indian cuisine. However, one will surely love some of the preparations, as I too have an Indian palate and I personally feel so.

Some of the recommendations are Guava Salad, crunchy Tofu Steamed Buns and Lotus stem crisps. Tofu Steamed buns and Lotus stem crisps are like a common saying in Hindi “Pet bhar gaya per dil nahi bhara”. I am posting the pics of the menu; you can surely know the name, but not the taste from the name.
So do visit the place, as this menu is only in for next 10 days till 21st May. Go and have your bite.
Happy Eating… J

Monday, May 8, 2017

Hahn's Kitchen | Review

It was my second interaction with something Korean after my childhood. I had a hobby of stamp collection then, we used to exchange stamps among our friends and many Korean stamps were exchanged for a single big stamp. These exchange ratios were only attributed to their small size and rest other factors of valuations were never considered, actually we were ignorant of any other factors then.

This food interaction was an experience, and I would love to have it often. Though it was my first face to face with Korean food, so can’t say it was authentic, however I feel it was.

I have some strong logical reasons to believe that way, after a little research on Korean culture. Like, the Koreans use steel chopsticks, and prior to this, I have only seen those wooden ones. They are quite people and do not like to talk during meals, the place has a separate setup very much in Korean theme apart from the usual fine dine sitting.

What I liked most about the place is ambiance. Lighting is soothing and calm; there is a peace in the place. They score more than full if there is an option, for hygiene and cleanliness.

Now, moving to the food part. Who loves to experiment and explore, will love it. Those have a taste bud for Korean food will like it (feedback from more experienced). I liked some and some not. In Korean cuisine they use fermented sauces and pastes and in some of them this fermented flavor is very pronounced and some may not like it. For example, Kimchi Jeon has a strong flavor and few may turn around from it. I personally liked Kkanpunggi very much and would love it with a mug of beer. Also, they served egg rolls, not able to recall the exact name what they call in Korean, I simply loved them.

They serving size is huge, and order carefully as you may end up wasting food which is not a good practice in any culture and not even Korean. The prices are very apt and I was expecting to be more on high side.

Location: One Horizon Center, Gurugram, Haryana

So and discover your favourite Korean food…Happy Eating… J

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Rule the Rolls | A Quick Review

Variety: Not much, though what they serve is good. The serve tikkas wrapped in Rumali Roti, also one can order the same combination without a wrap. Score (3/5)
Taste: Tastes like Home made rolls. Chicken and mutton pieces are well roasted and succulent. Namak mirch ek dam barabar. Score (4/5)
Serving Size: Good is the word. One roll is enough for one person. Score (4/5)
Ambiance: Simple, small place and well cooled. They do not have much seating capacity, though they serve a quick bite so easy to find seat. They have a comfortable seating. The walls have framed Prayers in Islam, thanking god for the everything. Score (3.5/5)
Hygiene: Hygiene standards are good. They have an open kitchen behind the Glass walls, so one cannot escape that. Score (5/5)
Staff: They are very courteous and very polite. Food tastes lot better with love and they are aware of this ingredient. Score (5/5)
Service: It is a quick bite and they make to order, so one may face few delays. (4/5)
Price: It is aptly priced, when looked at in consideration with Serving Size. Two can easily eat and satisy there tums in 500-600 INR. (3/5)
Location: Galleria Market, Gurgaon. They are on ground floor at the end. Score (5/5)
What I ordered: Haleem, Chicken Malai Tikka Roll, Mutton Kofta with Rumali Roti and Sheer Khurma. Score (5/5)
Recommendations: Haleem, it is simple in taste, not heavily spiced and a complete meal with Meat, Rice and various types of Pulses. This was my first interaction with haleem and I loved it. There may be others tasting better than they serve, but will get to know with time. Score (4/5)
USP: Food tastes like that of home, non-oily, balanced spices. Light on tum.
Why not to visit? If you are on lookout for greasy, rolls with super spices with taste residing in your taste buds even after hours and reminded of what you ate through burrps. 

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